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White Feminisms

White feminisms refers to expressions of feminisms perceived as prioritising the experiences and concerns of white, middle-class, cisgender, and able-bodied people while overlooking the distinct forms of oppression faced by ethnic minority people and those lacking other privileges.

Critiques of white feminisms highlight its focus on gender-based inequality at the expense of intersectionality, erasing the identities and experiences of marginalised people.

Historical criticisms of white feminisms date back to the early feminist movement in the United States, reflecting its exclusionary practices. The term “white feminism” gained prominence with the rise of intersectional theory in the late 2010s, emphasising the need for a more inclusive feminist discourse.

White feminism, often aligned with white supremacy, fails to hold white people accountable for perpetuating systemic inequalities, further marginalising the marginalised groups.

To understand the harm caused by white feminisms, it’s crucial to examine its origins and how it perpetuates inequality. This ideology disregards issues that are important to marginalised people in society, such as economic disparities, access to childcare, affordable housing, and immigration policies.

(Author: Feyza Öztürk Altaher)

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