Pink Talks

This is Pink Talks, the place where we discuss intersectionality and human rights.


What is the Pink Talks podcast?

Pink Talks is a transnational online program broadcast produced by Young Educators European Association that promotes awareness and informal dialogs about gender equality, intersectionality, and human rights. Our main objective is to promote and increase social consciousness through content, shared experiences, practical tools, and deep critical thinking. 

You can listen to different formats on our podcast, from conversations around specific themes or events to interviews with women that have made significant strides in male-dominated environments; to book, cinema, and art clubs where we invite authors, specialists, or readers to discuss how artistic expressions can help raise questions and offer solutions; and to finish, we also have a dedicated format to the remembrance of relevant figures from past that worked on issues at the heart of Pink Talks. Through Pink Talks, we hope to help plant the seeds of change that make social transformation possible.

So, welcome, and let’s have a conversation!