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Transphobia is the systemic violence against transsexual/transgender people associated with attitudes such as fear, discomfort, distrust, or disdain. It is used similarly to homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, etc.

The underlying core value is a rejection of trans identity and a refusal of acknowledgment. Transphobia has no single or simple manifestation – it is always more complex and can include several behaviors and arguments.

These might be shown through treatment of or discrimination against trans people (persons who identify themselves as trans, or persons who are assumed to be trans). Examples are mockery or ‘jokes’, verbal or physical attacks or other forms of violence, abuse, denial of entry to spaces because someone is perceived as trans, or misgendering.

The consequences of transphobia are serious struggles of living openly, safely, and comfortably in society. This can be expressed, for instance, through the attempt to remove trans people’s rights, misrepresenting trans people, and systematic exclusion from discussions about issues that directly affect trans people. The number of crimes related to transphobia has been increasing in the past years.

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