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SWERF means sex worker-exclusionary radical feminists.

It emerged as a response to the Third-wave’s more inclusive feminist approach to equality. The term describes a feminist who is against sex work and people who engage in it at any capability, from prostitution to porn actors.

“An important problem with SWERF ideology is its failure to distinguish between individuals who choose of their own volition to enter the sex work industry and those who are victims of human trafficking. This results in the conflation of sex work with slavery, which is harmful both to sex workers and victims of slavery. This ideology also fails to recognize an individual’s right and capacity to choose their own profession and avenues of pleasure. For these reasons, almost every group whose interests SWERFs claim to represent (including women of color, sex workers, allies, and so on) denounce the feminist subset as strictly anti-feminist.”

This ideology negatively impacts many aspects of sex workers’ lives and hinders the establishment of safe and regulated environments for people involved in this line of work.

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