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Queer is a commonly used label for “a sexual or gender identity other than straight and cisgender” and it is generally used to describe someone in the LGBTQ+ community.

While labels like gay, lesbian and bisexual refer to specific sexualities and transgender refers to gender identities, queer is a label that encompasses all of these identities. It is a very useful word for people who do not want to stick to one label or who prefer to not specify.

It is important to note that the queer label sometimes has an unpleasant connotation for older gay people, as it was used exclusively as a slur from the 19th century until a couple of decades ago.

It is crucial to remember the harmful history attached to this term and the fact that older members of the community might still take offence to the usage of the word, especially by people who are not LGBTQ+.

Recently the LGBTQ+ community has been reclaiming the term from its previous connotation and this word has started to assume a new widely inclusive sense.

(Author: Mariachiara Pacchetti)

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