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Inga Schmidt

Born and raised in Germany, Inga Schmidt completed her Bachelor’s degree in clinical and pedagogical Psychology in Germany. During the last semester of her Bachelor’s degree, she did an internship in a psychosomatic trauma clinic for adults, which was more or less the first professional contact with psychotherapy in a diverse cultural context. Further she researched in the context of her thesis about integrative individualized therapy to provide more accessible mental health care. Meanwhile, working with girls from the age from 14-17 years in a custody center and never dealing with different literature than the evidence-based practices from westernized countries, Inga started with the master’s in psychology of Intercultural Relations in Lisbon. Curios about the different realities and approaches of mental health led to the question about the generalization of psychotherapeutic practices and further Human Rights in diverse contexts. Over the last year started with research about the development of cultural competence in counseling and mental health care. Especially interested in experiences of Microaggressions and unconsciousness biases to construct more effective and practice related cultural competence and diversity training in various sectors.