Pink Talks

This is Pink Talks, the place where we discuss intersectionality and human rights.

Ana Catarina Caldeira


Ana Catarina Caldeira is one of the producers and hosts of Pink Talks podcast.  She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Culture Sciences and afterwards pursued a Professional Accreditation Course at CENJOR in order to acquire technical and theoretical knowledge in photojournalism. After several years of work as a freelance journalist and researcher in different archives and documentation centres, she decided to continue her academic studies and applied for her Master’s degree in Journalism, Politics and Contemporary History. Currently she is a PhD student in Communication Sciences – Communication and Language at FCSH/UNL and a PhD researcher at ICNOVA (NOVA Institute of Communication), and at the Observatory in Visual Studies and Media Archeology. Parallel to her academic interests in memory, history, politics and image she has been an human rights and intersectionality activist.